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Rosas Danst Rosas Remix


Rosas Danst Rosas Remix

Commissioned by
Centre Artistique En Mouvance, Montpellier, France

Le Chai du Terral, Saint-Jean-de-Védas, France. 20 May 2017

Guillaume Pires Parada

Christophe Robert, Maroussia Oboldouieff, Laetitia Lallemand, Virginie Perrot, Clothilde Grillot, Marion Leguiel, Rebecca Demotte

Thierry De Mey

Lighting/Costume Design  
Guillaume Pires Parada

Alain Scherer

Duration 17 mins

30 years ago, dance company Rosas put itself on the map with the production Rosas danst Rosas. This choreography has since been staged all over the world.

Guillaume proposes his vision of Rosas, in support of the project 2.0 “The fABULEUS Rosas Remix Project”, constructed with and for amateur dancers.

A new version planned with 29 dancers and a new scenography design. More informations coming soon.



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