Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden
Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden
Centre Artistique En Mouvance

Labortheater, Dresden Germany. 29 June 2018

Concept, Choreography, Performance 
Guillaume Pires Parada

Digital Art
Benjamin Mouret

Ben Frost

Light Design
Geohwan Ju

Stage & Costume Design
Sebastian Schrader, Katarzyna Oleksińska

Duration 39 mins

The Origin of the Project
In 2017, during a workshop with Ulf Langheinrich—multidisciplinary artist—, Guillaume Pires Parada deepens his experiment with the new media. Sound and visual experiences, creation of new environments… He saw immediately all the potential of development possible between dance and technology. Guillaume decides right away after the workshop that his next project will be a dance performance with digital art.

A Solo
Writing a solo for yourself, returns, somehow, to make a self-portrait, act of bravery of war, questioning your deepest “me”. And in this circumstance, whether one is a modest or expansive artist does not change the dreadful decision to paint oneself. Then comes another test, hardly more comfortable than the proviso one. It es about taking the measure of emptiness within which the writing of time and space can find hospitality and become visible and readable. Guillaume Pires Parada addressees his particular, irrepressible moment, when the creator needs to find himself facing him, against the wall, without artifice, without any other body than his own.

Immersive Experience
Parasitic is a dance performance for one dancer playing in an area of images set in motion by a digital artist. The body of the dancer enters into dialogue with the images, simple and abstract forms in black and white. This setup is creating a full dance-image-sound environment. It’s a sensitive experience in several times for the audience.

A Third Space
The spectator’s experience is a sensitive adventure where different layers resonate: image, imagination, emotion, technology, movement, sound. The synchronicity between real and virtual dissolves the boundary that separates them; they form one and unique space. For example, this is what happens when a hole projected on the floor made us leap over. By the encounter of the gesture and the image, two worlds are contaminated, giving birth to a third one, situated at the fringe of the imaginary and the real, a place of new possibilities and holder of a strong dreamlike and symbolic charge.

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