Cocotte Minute


Cocotte Minute

Commissioned by
American Dance Festival, Durham USA

USA Premiere
American Dance Festival, Durham NC USA. 17 July 2017

Europe Premiere
Palucca Hochschule für Tanz, Dresden, Germany. 08 December 2017

Guillaume Pires Parada

Federica Dadamo

USA Cast
Sinead Corrigan, Vasantha Tan, Charlotte Angermeier, Casey Lambert, Neeraj Lohani, Justine Kenedy, Trevor Helms

Europe Cast alternately
Mario Araújo, Paula Tarragüel Aguilar, Hannah Law, Lina Meißner, Sophie Hauenherm, Julian Greene

François Caffenne

Light Design
Ted Meier/Guillaume Pires Parada

Costume Design
Martina Dreichner/Guillaume Pires Parada

Duration 13 mins

Cocotte Minute is the development of Guillaume’s 2017 work, staged during the 84th edition of the American Dance Festival (Durham, USA).

The piece aims to highlight the experience of a group of people under pressure. On a massive electro symphony, the bodies dance the violence of the world of yesterday and today.


Cocotte Minute - Pires Parada


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