Pires Parada


Freelance Dance Artist




Guillaume Pires Parada is born in 1989 in Pau, France. He starts contemporary, modern dance and hip-hop at the age of 7.

He starts his professional training at the Centre Chorégraphique James Carlès (Toulouse, France) where he studies contemporary dance, ballet and jazz. He then have advanced training in dance, followed by a bachelor degree in dance teaching at Epsedanse Montpellier under the leadership of Anne-Marie Porras, from which he graduates top of his promotion class. 

Versatile and with an eclectic and broad taste, Guillaume worked with such international artists as Claude Brumachon, Anne-Marie Porras, Thierry Malandain, Gil Roman, Alain Gruttadauria, Christian Canciani, Didier ThéronKirsten Debrock, Saar Harari, among others.

In 2017, he becomes co-director of the Centre Artistique En Mouvance in Montpellier, France. He also starts studying a Master Of Arts – Choreography at the Palucca University of Dance Dresden, where he questions his practice with transversal domains as architecture, new media, stage design, theater engineering… 

During the Summer 2017, he is resident choreographer at the American Dance Festival in Durham NC  where he creates and produce his piece “Cocotte Minute” for six dancers and plays the premiere during the Festival.

In 2018, he presents in Dresden the European premiere of “Parasitic“, a solo performance mixing choreography,  digital art and sound design. He also graduates with honors a Master Of Arts in Choreography.

Guillaume seeks to develop a freelance career in order to become a witness of singular journeys, to open new paths, generate vocations, exchange views on art, and discuss his place in society.

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